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Crafting ideas


The Greatest Party on Earth, a traveling exhibition.

Step into the vibrant world of Rio de Janeiro's Carnival through the lens of Omar Montenegro. This itinerant exhibition showcases the magic and splendor of this world-famous celebration. From luxurious costumes, to breathtaking scenes of the festivities, the photographs bring the spirit of Rio's Carnival to life. Previously showcased in Japan and Korea, this exhibition  will continue to enchant audiences around the world.


Journey through time and across continents as we explore the architectural treasures of Rio de Janeiro by French artists from the 19th and 20th centuries. This exhibition pays homage to the French heritage in Rio de Janeiro.

Portraits of Asia

The fascination with culture and diversity extends to the captivating people of Asia. Through the lens of Omar Montenegro, principal at Studio NUMA, we present a collection of striking portraits that celebrate the beauty and diversity of this vast continent. Each photograph tells a unique story, inviting you to connect with the faces and cultures that make Asia so extraordinary.


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